Bachelor Party Tips

So you're planning a bachelor party. Usually the idea of arranging such an event would put a permanent grin on the face of any fun loving guy. But once that daydream of strippers and beer goes away you realize that this is gonna be the bachelor's last night of single manhood with his comrades. You want this occasion to be perfect. Where to go, what to do and how to get a large number of guys to agree, and help pay, for the perfect last night of freedom. After all, who wants to sit around your house with a bunch of porn movies and a few cases of cheap beer?

To throw the perfect bachelor party, it takes planning. The ol' spur-of-the-moment type of shindig usually don't turn out right and someone always ends up getting arrested. You need a gameplan and every gameplan needs a leader or quarterback to head up the operation. Usually this is the best man, however this is not a rule set in stone. The bachelor party planner should be the guy that is the most fun to be around, the most responsible and the most single out of the group. The participants should all get together before hand to discuss ideas, set a date and choose their quarterback to make the necessary arrangements and put the plan into action.

|| Top Ten Rules for the Ideal Bachelor Party Plan ||

  • Arrange for transportation - Lets face it, there's gonna be some drinking and we all want everyone to get around safely.
  • Select a date no less than 3 days before the wedding - The wedding day is a very special and expensive day, if only for the groom's fiance and the families involved.
  • Start planning the event at least a month out - his gives enough time for most of the attendees to clear their calendar or get the appropriate permission.
  • Share the cost evenly or at least fairly - Plan out all of the expected expenses, add 20% for incidentals and divide it amongst the attendees.
  • The last supper - This dinner is more than just the toast off for the beginning of the night, it also gives your stomached a nice base for all of the evening's alcohol consumption.
  • Stripclub is a safe bet - Private in-room entertainment is always nice, but can end up being more expensive and lacks the over all selection of a well equipped gentlemen's club.
  • Choose the final party group wisely - Sure the soon to be father-in-law and bride's older brother can come to the dinner, then maybe the first bar stop, but make sure the final group of guys are trustworthy before the debauchery begins.
  • Only one camera guy allowed - If pictures are to be taken, they should be at the beginning of the night and by the more level headed guy in the group. Photographs can be used as evidence in a court of law at your bachelor party planning.
  • Keep the daytime drinking to a minimum - If daytime activities are planned before the big night, go easy on the booze. This will ensure more guys, especially the bachelor, make it through the night's festivities.
  • Keep It Simple Stupid - Sure the idea of a party that consists of stopping at 3 bars, 2 nightclubs, every stripclub within a 100 mile radius accompanied by 2 midgets dressed as leprechauns, while traveling in a stolen school bus full of half-naked Japanese girls sounds great, but keeping 12 guys on the same page to accomplish all of this will prove to be quite a challenge.

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