London Bachelor Party

London is one of the most visited cities in Europe. Having a bachelor party in London is quite the experience because the British Isles are known for their intimate pubs. Additionally, London is a metropolitan capital for England. It has many posh clubs where you can dance to your hearts content. Of course, renting out a hotel room at one of the expensive London hotels is always an option for rambunctious partiers who have headed overseas to have a good time.

While you are in London, you might as well check out the sights. There are many famous historical landmarks that make London a worthwhile place to go for any type of vacation. Favorite London tourist destinations include Buckingham Palace (home of the royal family and known for its guards), the London (Tower) Bridge, Big Ben, the National Gallery, the Houses of Parliament, Trafalgar Square, the Tower of London and the British Museum. Your whole day can be spent exploring and reliving history before heading out for a night of wild partying in one of the most popular and exciting cities in the world.

London is like the Broadway of Europe. You will have the chance to see many hot, popular, and even new shows at the various London theaters. Of course, if you're looking for a little more excitement then a musical show, you might want to head out to the various clubs, pubs, and DJ bars. Some of the top and most recommended places to drink, dance and celebrate a bachelor party include Mass, Ginglick, 333, Neighbourhood, 93 Feet East, The End, Fabric, Cherry Jam, the Hollybush Pub, Plan B, the Sir Richard Steele, the Dove, EGG, the Wenlock Arms, and Herbal. In all of these clubs and pubs, you will find everything you need to have the most excellent bachelor party you have always dreamed of having.