Tokyo Bachelor Party

Make sure to bring a lot of money with you because Tokyo is a town for high rollers. Your elegant Bachelor Party can end up wild and crazy with more places to drink, party, and listen to music then nearly anywhere in the United States. Your international bachelor part may have you staying in one of the fanciest hotels in the Japanese capital, but why waste the opportunity to party in a city that was designed with having fun in mind?

During the day, you have the chance to see all the sites. The Tokyo Tower is a popular tourist attraction. Going to the top of this 333 meters high tower you will have a bird's eye view of one of the most beautiful cities in the world. This tower surpasses the height of the romantic Eiffel Tower in France by 13 meters. Another popular Tokyo attraction is the Asakusa Shrine. The Shrine is the most famous in Tokyo and is based on legends which state that three Gods oversee the shrine, which was built in 1649.

If you want to do something a little more risque during your time in Tokyo, then you will need to wait until its time to party (which is nearly any time of the day or night) and head to the clubs! Be prepared to pay upwards of $8 per beer and $10 per shot. Despite the cost, this city is truly hopping with so many jazz clubs, bars, and dance halls you won't know where to go first.

Some of the places that are recommended when you visit Tokyo include Bar Ambrose, Magambo, and Bauhaus. You might want to check out the geisha bars with the geisha girls, during your last night of freedom, and you will most definitely want to visit two of the busiest areas for nightlife in Tokyo, Ginza, Kabuki-cho and Roppongi. No matter where you go in Tokyo, your bachelor party is bound to be a blast. With so much to do, why choose any other destination?