Bachelor Party Information

|| The History of Bachelor Parties ||

It is believed that bachelor parties have been around since Ancient times. The term bachelor party is generally used in the United States. In other parts of the world, bachelor parties have other names. Some of the other names for bachelor parties include stag parties, hen parties, and stag nights in the UK. Bachelor parties have also been called bucks parties, bulls parties, and bucks night.

It is believed that the bachelor party (in all its infinite forms) was first established in the Greek city-state of Sparta. Around the fifth century, a tradition was developed in which the Spartan males (all of whom were soldiers) would hold a bachelor dinner in honor of their soon to be married friend. At the dinner, the soldiers would pay homage to and make a toast for their friend on his last night as a single man.

Since then, bachelor parties have become a time for males to bond together and men to be able to experience the freedom of the single life before settling down with their new bride. The bachelor parties of today can get quite wild with men doing things their new wives most likely will no longer allow once they are married. Common themes for bachelor parties (though this may differ depending on the region in which each individual lives, the social mores and the individual culture) can include drinking at the night clubs trips to the strip club, gambling, escort or private stripper services, and plenty of pranks.

In most western cultures, the best man or the male siblings of the groom are the ones to plan the bachelor party, often surprising him with all the debauchery that is going to occur during the evening. These males may have something special in store for their friend, while others may try to work with him to establish what kind of things he wants to do during his last night of freedom.

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