Istanbul Bachelor Party

Nothing could be better then having your bachelor party in the historical city of Istanbul. From the beautiful architecture of this aging city to the sumptuous nightlife, there will be plenty for you and your party guests to do just prior to the most wonderful day of your life, your wedding. Your Istanbul bachelor party is going to be the time to live it up and enjoy your last day as a single man. In Istanbul, this is not only possible. It's a logical choice for any type of celebration.

When you arrive in Istanbul, you will have the chance to spend the day seeing the sights before hitting the clubs. You will most definitely want to stop at the Hagia Sophia/Church (Ayasofya). Built in the 6th century, this marvelous structure was a major engineering project beyond its time when it was built. The museum features a domed top that is both wide and flat and it has over 30 million gold tiles inside!

While the museum has certainly withstood the tests of time (and it shows) it is still one of the most impressive structures in this part of the world. Other fun attractions you can visit include Karpali Carsisi (the Grand Bazaar), which features over 4,000 shops in a street market setting, Topkapi Palace, the home of the sultans of the Ottoman Empire, and the Bosphorus, which is the body of water separating Asia from Europe.

The nightlife in Istanbul is bustling. With many new bars and restaurants popping up all over the city, there is always time for a drink and a little friendly conversation. The dance scene is popular with the younger generation of residents so expect to be immersed in the culture where the Istanbul musicians meet a modern and fresh Americanized sound at these clubs. Some of the recommended venues for those interested in having their bachelor party in Istanbul include 360 Istanbul, Galatea Restaurant and Wine Bar, the Babylon dance club, the North Shields pub, Harry's Bar, and Cafe Gramofon. Istanbul bachelor party