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Just a short distance north of the eastern United States is Montreal, Quebec. This city, while not traditionally pictured as a party city, actually has much to offer any type of bachelor party. Rich in French-Canadian history, when you step into Montreal, you will be entering a whole new and exciting world. From the historical old world feel to the city to the quaint yet exciting clubbing scene you will feel refreshed as you open your eyes to the possibility of a bachelor party in Montreal.

One of the most beautiful places to visit in Montreal is the Notre Dame Basilica. The interesting thing about the oldest Catholic Church in Montreal is the way the church represents the history of the city. Inside, the intricately designed church contains stained glass interior that is designed and modeled after the history of Montreal. If you go to see this structure you will not be sorry and you might even receive the inspiration you need just prior to your wedding.

Other amazing attractions include a tour through Old Montreal, which is designed like a Parisian district and has historical significance to the city, Biodome de Montreal, home of the 1976 Olympics, and the Montreal Botanical Gardens. In the Old Montreal District, you will even have the chance to stroll, ride a bicycle or take a horse drawn carriage on your tour, as you step back in time to enjoy the history of the city.

Those looking for more excitement in Montreal can check out the nightlife. People in Montreal may be incredibly proud of their history, but when it comes down to it, they also love to party and know how to have a good time. The clubs here are always filled and there are plenty of places to go to grab a drink or twelve. You and those who come with you to celebrate your bachelor party can check out the following Montreal hot spots; Club Atlantis, Club LaBoom, Club Exit, Funkytown, Thursday's Club, Electric Avenue, Complex Millenium, and Club Seven.

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