The Bride's honour attendant is called the Maid of Honour if she is an unmarried woman, Matron of Honour if she is or has been a married woman, and if you happen to select a male you may refer to him as your Best Person or Man of Honour. It is important that you have someone of legal age to sign the wedding documents.

The role of the maid of honour before and during the wedding day is to help and support the Bride. It is important to select someone dependable. They may be a sister or a very close friend. They could of course be another relative such as a cousin. niece or even mother or daughter of the Bride. Your honour attendant may certainly be someone who lives out of town, but remember that they will not be able to help with as many pre-wedding details.

It is traditional for the person selected as the maid of honour to be indicated by a dress of a slightly different style or colour, a somewhat different headpiece, or to carry a slightly different bouquet.

The traditional responsibilities and duties for the maid of honour:

Before the Wedding Day:

  • Helps Bride select her wedding day attire
  • Helps select the costumes for the Bridal Party
  • Assists in addressing invitations and announcements
  • Attends pre-wedding parties
  • Plans and hosts a shower or party for the Bride or couple
  • Attends rehearsal and rehearsal party
  • Assists Bride with going away clothing and luggage
  • Coordinates the bridesmaids and their tasks. Including fittings for dresses
  • Helps keep track of gifts received and thank you notes written
  • Normally pays for all wedding day attire with the exception of floral accessories
  • Helps with the decorations
  • Supplies "Something borrowed" and "Something blue" if requested

On the Wedding Day:

  • Coordinates with the best man regarding details
  • Helps Bride dress
  • Reminds Bride to transfer her engagement ring to right hand
  • Ensures that bridesmaids are carrying their bouquets properly
  • Arranges Bride's train before processional
  • Holds Groom's ring during the ceremony
  • Holds Bride's bouquet during the ceremony
  • Turns back bride's veil for 'the kiss'
  • Acts as a legal witness to the ceremony and signs documents
  • Arranges Bride's train for recessional
  • Returns bridal bouquet before recessional
  • Participates in the receiving line
  • Assists the Bride's mother at the reception
  • Makes sure that best man has placed all Bride's luggage and other incidentals in the going away car
  • Socializes with guests at the reception and ensures that guest book has been signed
  • Makes a toast at the reception
  • Helps Bride change into going away outfit

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